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Churchers College, Ramshill, Petersfield, is a new 25 metre by 13 metre swimming pool providing scope for all levels. It benefits from a 2 metre deep end for diving along with starting blocks for competitive swimmers. The pool has a large seated area down one side so parents can watch and listen to the lessons while waiting.

All lessons at Churchers College are suitable for children from ages 3 years and upwards and carried out over 30 minutes. The pool is set up to cover all abilities within the same time period, so if there is space, siblings can swim at the same time in different ability groups.

We also have a pre-competitive group and from there our excellent club links mean we can recommend they join one of the local swimming clubs, or join our unique Activity Session covering diving, synchronised swimming, water polo and snorkelling.

At Southern Swim Schools we understand children progress faster in smaller groups, therefore we keep class numbers to a maximum of Five children to one fully qualified ASA or STA Swimming Teacher working in the water with the children until they are at a more advanced level where group sizes are increased to just six per group. These small class sizes ensure our teachers are able to give more one-to-one attention and tailor lessons to the children’s needs.

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