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Tiny Turtle Parent & Child Lessons for babies and pre-schoolers

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Southern Swim School has its very own swim school for Parent and Child lessons – Tiny Turtles!

At Tiny Turtles we recommend you can start regular swim classes from age 12 weeks

Held at Barncroft School, Bedhampton

Classes split into:

  • Tiny Turtles aged 3 months to 9 months old
  • Tiny Fish aged 9 month to 2 years approx.
  • Tiny Octopus aged 2 years to 3 years old
  • Tiny Shark – pre-school 20 minute lessons 3:1 teacher
  • Wednesdays 9.15am-10.15am

To help you choose the right lessons at the right location across all our swim schools, and for a more detailed summary of lessons please view lessons.

At Tiny Turtles we believe the earlier you start learning to swim the better but we don’t believe in gimmicks instead we teach your baby and toddler to swim!

You will read at other swim schools they can teach your baby to swim underwater, and while it is true a baby can travel a short distance underwater this is not the clever bit. Holding their breath underwater comes naturally to babies, swimming does not and this is where our expertise come in.

Babies who come to learn with us gain valuable water confidence and take part in a fun, progressive teaching plan working towards the STA Starfish awards designed especially with babies in mind. Babies will learn through fun practices and songs to float on their front and back, kick their legs, be happy to have water over their face, and travel around the pool collecting toys.

Toddlers continue on their swim journey in the Tiny Octopus class and progress along the STA STAnley Awards; learning to jump in, pick objects off the bottom, use floats and woggles to practice strokes and because of our expertise can often swim unaided around the age of 2 years old.

Our special preschool Tiny Shark classes are 20minute lessons where three children work by the children coming without a parent into the pool with a teacher. This is in a group of just three children and here they have a 20 minute lesson with the swim teacher in the pool. These lessons are designed to bridge the gap between our parent and toddler classes and moving them on to join our main school lessons.

Tiny Sharks will graduate when ready to the main swim scheme at Southern Swim Schools, content to be in the water without Mummy or Daddy but instead in a small group lesson with one of our teachers.

Our Tiny Turtles pool is warm and inviting and we provide changing mats, nappy bags, swim nappies if you forget, and a box of toiletries for little ones comfort while changing. We welcome other members of the family to come and watch the swim lessons and experience seeing babies’ first kicks on their swimming journey.

The ‘Dive’ Reflex

Babies can learn to hold their breath underwater partly because of a reaction known as 'the dive reflex'. This reflex, also called the bradycardic response, causes babies to hold their breath by shutting off the epiglottis and stopping water from going down the throat. Babies normally also open their eyes when submerged. At Tiny Turtles you will not be asked to submerge your little one more than three times in a lesson so as to protect their ears and not distress them.

Advice on taking your baby swimming from the Department of Health and NHS Choices website:

"You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It doesn't matter if they haven't completed their course of vaccinations yet."

"Some leisure facilities may suggest that babies shouldn't go swimming until they have had all of their jabs. However, this advice probably dates back to when polio was common and people were concerned it could spread in busy places like public swimming pools. However according to the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC), there hasn’t been a case of polio since 1993 when a UK traveller acquired polio in India."

"The Department of Health recommends that you can take your baby swimming from a very young age. There is no need to wait until they have been vaccinated."


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